5 Factors one must consider when choosing a Homecare Service provider

Finding and choosing a Home healthcare provider can be a very important choice. Because after all you offer them your trust to take care of your loved ones, when they are at their most vulnerable. It is essential that you consider some of the factors below before settling for the best homecare provider

  • Single service provider vs Comprehensive service provider – A service provider who provides comprehensive care is usually more suitable as they function as a single point of care for all your patient’s needs. Choose someone who can provide Caretaker services, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Doctor visit services including Psychologists.
  • Training– Select an agency which provides not only theoretical but on ground practical experience. Hands on training is a must for caregivers. An agency which takes accountability for its staffs training and has hospital based training as part of its curriculum is a good choice.
  • Transparency- The agency should be able to provide you with degree certificates, training schedules etc. of the staff working with them. In the Indian scenario a police verification can also be requested.
  • Reliability and continuity of service – When engaging staff directly continuity of care can be affected when the staff takes a Leave. It is usually seen that the family caregiver is scurrying to find replacements at the last moment. It is advisable to have this discussion with the agency or service provider before engaging them.
  • Cost – Usually the cost for home services is borne out of pocket and in some rare cases also by insurance companies you can ask your insurance company whether homecare is covered. Do not necessarily go for the cheapest service provided without considering the other factors mentioned.

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