KS Homecare Care brings you home attendant for elderly care, patient care, baby care, and much more home care service. Containing the quality of proficient management and care, our attendants are absolutely subtle to be acquired.

  • Feeding the patient/elderly person on time and according to their health status
  • Maintains hygiene by making them shower properly, keeps their nails, hair, etc neat and clean
  • They assist the concerned person in their physical activities like walking, exercise, sleeping, and so on.
  • The attendants help the patient in discharging their fecal, toileting, changing their diapers, and all essential staff.
  • Maintain a positive and healthy environment, makes them smile, and try to keep them diverted from the illness and negativity.

Certified, skilled, experienced, attentive, soft-spoken, and polite by nature, attendants of KS homecare Care are undoubtedly the finest to be obtained for a healthy recovery of an individual. KS HomeCare generally accords home attendant services in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and Zirakpur.