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Health Care of the bedridden patient at Home

7 Tips for taking care of a bedridden patient at home

Whether you are taking care of an invalid parent or a sick partner, dealing with a bedridden patient is never easy. It’s not just the mental and emotional stress but also the physical toll and demands that such a situation can create.

1) Ensure Good Hygiene – bathing regularly, nail care, grooming, oral hygiene, skincare, etc.

2) Toilet Assistance – use the right equipment, avoid diapers as much as possible, ensure keeping the private area dry and clean

3) Monitor Their Lungs Health – keep a spirometer to maintain good function, don’t ignore congestion, coughs and irregular breathing, call a doctor if needed

4) Nutritional health – ensure nutritional requirements are fulfilled talk to a dietitian if required

5) Prevention of pressure ulcers – check skin regularly and change position regularly, use an air mattress (Alpha mattress), where indicated

6) Offer them A Good Home Ambience – clean and cheerful and well ventilated and with adequate light

7) Prevention of falls and injury – use assistance where required when transferring or moving the patient, ensure bed rails are up.

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